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About DROGA Pharmacies

Established as Droga Group Corporate Company business unit on April, 2023. With its headquarter in the central Addis Ababa, DROGA PHARMACIES is the largest chain of Ethiopia private retail pharmacy. It manages and operates a nationwide network in 6 cities of the region and 10 sub cities in Addis Ababa, which makes it one of the most prevalent and the fastest growing company in the region.

As per our State – of – the – art chain pharmacy motto in “looking after your health!” it doesn’t solely serve the community by its products and rely on the traditional dispensing of medicines to patients, rather incorporated  Medication Therapy Management (MTM) service on the recently prevalent chronic diseases; Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Cardiac Problem, Cancer, Asthma, Arthritis & etc. at its best practice, and educates the society through various health awareness programs and prevention campaigns.

The company uses its extensive local knowledge and network to invest in the development of the Ethiopian community.   


To be the most advanced chain of pharmacy in Ethiopia that improve Health quality of human life by 2033 GC.


We provide safe, high-quality patient care in an atmosphere of professionalism, innovative and integrated pharmaceutical care system to improve Health and wellbeing of our society.

Core Values

We are honest, and we do what is right, within the company, with our Guests, and with the entire Community. We want to do well, by doing right

We care for our Guests with sympathy, fellow feeling and humanity, and we are committed to going the extra mile for them every day.

we continuously generates and adapt new ideas that creates value to our customers and bossiness.

We work in harmony among ourselves, with our business partners and the entire Community, for mutual success.

We are responsible for our actions and pledge to dig deeper and ask our selves “what else can we do for our customers, partners, and the community ?”

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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About Our Logo

The yellow background denotes happiness and delight. Black lebelled words exude elegancy and suitability of our pharmacy for pharmaceutical services. The Mortar and pestle indicates that we are preparing and delivering medicines and unique care to look after your health.

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