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To make Pharmacy the most accessible healthcare, through professional services & sustainable availability (In-store & Online).

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Arada Sub city , Woreda 08, Queen Elizabeth II St, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Pharmacy Branch managers


Manager Name

Branch Location

Phone Number


Wendmagegn Eshetu

Sarbet Branch

+251 988 78 03 978


Sara Dawit

Lebu Branch

+251 988 78 08 78


Mekbib Lalensa

Figa Branch

+251 988 78 30 78


Nuredin Shiferaw

Ayat Branch

+251 988 78 09 78


Hirut Kebede

Megenagna Branch

+251 988 78 29 78


Frezewed Alemayehu

Dire Dawa Branch

+251 988 78 3678


Seifu Megerssa

Hawassa Branch

+251 986 56 66 02


Koricho balcha

Adama Branch

+251 986 56 66 01


Sadat Dedefo

Shashemene Branch

+251 986 56 66 03

Frequently Asked Question!

DROGA ONLINE PHARMACY is a website, where customers can buy medicines and variety of other products that don’t need prescrption , which are available at DROGA Pharmacies.

The “Click & Collect” service enables customers to buy products from the Droga online pharmacy, select a payment method (online or pay at the pharmacy when picking up the products) and select the pharmacy to pick up the products.

You will receive an email and SMS as soon as your products are ready for pickup. Bring the order reference number sent in the text message with you at the time of collection. If someone other than you will pick up the products, he/she must bring the order reference number with them to pick up the products. Please note that the pharmacy does not accept any responsibility, if the customers share their order reference number with others.

Your order was cancelled for one or more of the following reasons: Items you ordered are not available in the pharmacy Technical failure. You cancelled the order yourself. More than 24 hours have passed without collecting the order. (In case of cash on delivery) More than 2 days have passed without collecting the order. (In case of paying online).

This could be due to one of the following reasons: Sometimes certain products might be available online, but not in the pharmacy. In such a case, we only cancel products that are not available and send you an SMS mentioning that your order is ready, but some products are not available. We also send you an email containing all the relevant details. After checking your email, if you are sure that no product was removed from your order and you ordered all your required products, but some products are missing, please contact our guest care center via email Before calling us, please check your email to make sure that all the products were ordered. Your order list will include all the products you ordered. Payment will be made only for the pick up products and you will earn Nuhdeek points accordingly.

Your products will be held in the pharmacy for 24 hours if the order is cash on delivery or 2 days if paid online. The order will be cancelled, if the products are not picked up within the scheduled time.

Where can I find information about DROGA services ?
DROGA pharmacies offer the following services: Dispensing prescriptions. Educational, health clinics. Tips and advice from health and beauty experts. You can find more information about Droga pharmacies at

You can find information about any DROGA pharmacies, including location and working hours by clicking on the following link: https://www. Each droga pharmacy has different working hours. That’s why, we advise our customers to use the “Pharmacy Locator” option on droga website to find about specific pharmacy. Please note that you should click on the details of a specific pharmacy to know its working hours.

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